Brazilian Bikini

So you might be asking yourself what makes the Brazilian bikini bottom different from its counterparts.

The most noticeable difference is its size which is usually about half that of your typical bikini bottom. It belongs to the micro swimwear family and usually consists of a triangle shaped fabric that covers the pubic area and a two to three inch wide tapered strip of fabric that partially covers your rear end (slightly wider than a thong). It's made to sit low on your hips and is definitely sexy and of the skimpy variety.

brazilian bikini

You'll find them in just about any color or pattern you could think of. They're often made using lycra, polyester, nylon or spandex material which are all very durable and should last a long time. For high exposure to chlorine it's best to pick out a suit made with polyester. If you'll primarily be swimming in salt water, it's best to go with a nylon suit.

Since the coverage of this type of swimwear is minimal you'll want to make sure you're trimmed in the pubic region to avoid any unsightly mishaps. One of the most common trimming treatments is the Brazilian bikini wax. You can buy do it yourself kits to perform in the comfort of your own home but I highly recommend visiting your local salon or spa to have the treatment done by a professional technician.

Once you have your bottoms picked out you can pair it up and look good wearing any style top. The most popular styles worn today are the triangle, halter and bandeau.

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When buying any type of swimwear, always remember that quality is very important. You've heard the saying "You get what you pay for". That definitely holds true when purchasing a new suit. Cheaper swimsuits use lower quality fabrics which usually don't last as long and tend to easily fade. You'll also notice on cheaper suits the stitching isn't as of high quality and tend to come undone after a few washings.

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